Monday, September 28, 2009

Married! Now Including More Pro Pics...

Welp, we're married. Just got a fresh batch of photos from our photog (Eddy Price Int'l) this weekend, still waiting on a few more from another friend, but I thought I'd post a few of my faves so far :) Everyone had a blast, the whole night was magical!

Finished sewing my dress the morning of the wedding. Nice!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Itsy Bitsy, Teensy Weensy, Super Cute Buttons!

One of my favorite things about weddings are the favors. Shallow... I know. Favors usually mean something yummy, and hopefully something unique and personal that represents the couple well. I attended the beautiful wedding of two close friends a few weeks ago, and was instructed by the bride to pick up their super-yummy favors from a local bakery... the words "local bakery" only mean one thing to me: good food. Their favors were delicious made-from-scratch speciality chocolate chip cookies, the bride's favorite snack from her college days. They were placed at each place setting in custom glassine envelopes, tied with a ribbon - great presentation! Delicious! Personal! The perfect favor. People are still talking about those cookies weeks later - talk about impact.

I have a love of vintage candy, specifically Necco wafers. I purchased wafer mini-rolls through Necco directly (did you know they have a bulk candy store online? Me neither!) and also purchased a couple pounds of Jelly Belly beans in our colors to help fill out the favor bags. However - I felt that we needed something extra. Something cute and unique. Enter Etsy yet again, where I found a super sweet custom button maker named Jeanne who was extremely helpful in getting our custom buttons done. I used Photoshop for the button design, using a template she supplied me with. I ended up modeling our button design directly after one of my favorite vintage typewriter ribbon tins - something I don't feel guilty about because well... it's cute, we ain't selling 'em, and that's about that.

I also purchased lovely little handstamped tags from another great seller, Amy Elise Designs. I've bought quite a bit of stuff from Amy over the past 2 years for my design business, so I was thrilled that I could send another order her way for our big day. She made lovely mini-tags using a vintage typeface "S" stamp (for our new last name) - the tags are inscribed with a note of "Thanks!" on the back and tied to the favor bags.

All together, a nice little gift to place at each seat... I'm pleased with how they turned out. Three cheers for Etsy!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Millinery Fun, the Bridal Headpiece is DONE!

I accomplished one of the larger, looming tasks at hand for the wedding last night - a very important piece of my bridal ensemble, my headpiece. Inspired by the gorgeous hats and veils worn by brides in glamorous 1930s Hollywood films, I ordered a box full of pleated horsehair crinoline and russian veiling from Judith M Millinery Supply and set to work. I was fortunate to find a nice stryofoam hat form/head at Hobby Lobby, which really helped me flesh out my ideas for the piece. I am extremely pleased with how well this turned out.

Here's a quick shot of me modeling the piece, this is the side that our guests will see when we're standing up at the altar. The piece is so full that it completely hides my face when viewed from the other side - so delicious! I feel very flirty peeking out from underneath the brim!

I decided to use a vintage piece of jewelry to finish off the center of the hat, so I scoured my favorite antique shops here in town until I came across this sparkly stunner - I actually spoke with the woman who was selling this piece, as I was examining a few others in her case. She's a costume/rhinestone jewelry collector, and says that this brooch is early 50s vintage - not quite the 40s piece that I had in mind, but I like the look and quality of this particular brooch so much. The rhinestones are in PERFECT condition, as is the metal and the setting. It was a pretty little bargain too, at around $10.

All told, this hat cost me around $30 for materials, and only 3-4 hours of labor. The individuality and uniqueness - priceless! The piece is completely stitched using waxed thread to a small circle of ultra-stiff buckram (double-layered), and will be attached to my hair using several bobbypins instead of a comb or duckbill clip as I had originally planned. Using bobbypins makes the position of the hat much more secure... which in turn makes me feel much more secure as I'm waltzing around.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Craft Showers and Boutonnieres

In leiu of a bachelorette party, my best friend and sister held a "Craft Shower" in my honor over the weekend, which was a huge help in getting a lot of the 'bulk' wedding crafts finished up. This includes our favors, the place cards, a cute little "Lovebirds" banner for random usage, and also our cupcake pennants.

I've been plugging away on my wedding dress as well, it's coming along nicely. My goal is to have it finished up by the end of this week - totally doable. I just need to keep chugging along!

I plan on making the boutonnieres for the boys sometime next week. I stumbled across these gorgeous bespoke pieces by Fritts Rosenow a few months back, and KNEW that I had to make our boys something equally cool:

So, off I went to eBay, and bought these lovely brass airplanes; they are about 2.5 inches long and the perfect thing for our vintage airplane mini-theme. Plus, the boys think they're pretty cool. I plan on using some lovely aqua-striped grosgrain ribbon and maybe a bit of floral trim to complete each piece.

Overall, we have most of the crafting for the big day done. All I need to complete are our table numbers, the boutonnieres, my hat/veil/headpiece, and of course my dress. Tally-ho!

Friday, August 14, 2009

3 Weeks Out! Wrap-up Time.

I decided that I want cute button favors for everyone, to go along with the candy. Little 1" buttons. So I did a cute little design last night (I will admit - I stole it from a vintage typewriter ribbon tin!!)

Today I'm taking a 1/2 day off work to finish buying up craft stuff for my "Craft Shower" tomorrow. I still have a lot to do... but I'm not gonna panic. No need. I've always been a down-to-the-wire kind of person - that's just how I roll.

Also, finished up the bustier pattern for my dress last night, now I just need to do the skirt pattern, underblouse pattern, alternate skirt pattern - and sew away! Wee!

I'm ALSO getting my hair cut and touched up tomorrow too - I haven't been to the salon for AGES because I usually handle that myself, but it will be nice to have someone else do it for me. 3 weeks to let it grow out a bit, that's a good thing :)

Whew! OK. Gotta buckle down!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adventures in Patternmaking - Wedding Gown Edition

I finally got started on the pattern for my sweet little wedding dress this week. For some reason, it took me a while to get going - for a long time I've been to distracted by other pressing needs such as the invitations, various wedding crafts, dress shopping with both moms for their dresses... the list goes on and on.

The design for my dress can actually be seen on the invitation preview illustration if you skip down a few posts to THIS ONE. I love the concept very much, I wanted to play off of 1940s and early 50s tradition of wearing a nice suit instead of a gown by creating a multiple piece ensemble; however, I also wanted to incorporate classic 1940s style lines in order to place the ensemble firmly in the proper time period. The close fitting pencil skirt is a bit more 50s inspired, but all together I think it's a smashing vintage look.

I finished up the bustier pattern last night, so far so good when I double-checked the bust cups against my form. I'm a bit concerned about the bust "wings" hanging properly due to the hand of the silk I will be using, but I can always just tack those down discreetly. I did manage to find a gorgeous off-white "aspirin dot" tulle for the underblouse - deep V-necks and V-backs do a body good! I'm planning on making a fuller skirt to wear with the underblouse for the reception (bustier and pencil skirt will be jettisoned at that point), so I will have plenty of room for dancing and mingling. I'm fully prepared to totter down the aisle, but a pencil skirt just won't do for a night of swing.

I'm revving to get back to my shop and finish up the peplum and underblouse patterns tonight, and possibly the pencil skirt (which will be extremely simple...). I'm on track to have finished ensemble ready to go by next Friday - so here's hoping! After I finish the dress, I will be finishing up my headpiece - a frothy concoction of pleated horsehair and russian veiling. Yum! If anyone out there is looking for a nice millinery supply store, look no further than Judith M Millinery Supply - they have a huge selection of veiling, netting and various supplies.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Month To Go!

Until our Big Day.

So excited.

It's been a long time coming.

Can't wait to be Mrs. instead of Miss!

Jewelry --or-- These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

We FINALLY got around to purchasing Ryan's wedding band. A very handsome ring for a very handsome man. Gotta love the iPhone - I was able to buy the band on our way to another couple's wedding! Multitasking is what separates us from the beasts of the field my friends.

Anywho, we bought the ring from an amazing shop on Etsy - The shop is run by a husband and wife jewelry making dream team, creating beautiful handmade baubles perfect for bearded manly men like Ryan.

His ring is aerospace grade titanium (wee!) with manzanita wood inlays. I can't wait for it to get here!

In other wedding ring news, we also managed to get my engagement/wedding ring cleaned and sized this past week (after 11 months - yeah, I'm lazy). It's so beautiful - I need to get some nice photos taken to show it off. It's a beautiful vintage Art Deco piece, purchased at auction, shipped from Israel. No appraisal yet, but we got a really good deal on it so hopefully it's worth more than we paid!

I think vintage rings are a great option for brides seeking an alternative to the boring offerings at the mall jewelry stores. Etsy is also another wonderful source for bits and baubles, either vintage or handmade. Custom jewelers like the shop who resized my ring are also another great source for one of a kind pieces.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Wedsite is Stretchin' Me!

I decided to keep things simple for our RSVPs, and create an email address to which all of our guests could send their replies. That hasn't panned out as well as I hoped, generating what can possibly be termed "Mass Confusion" on the part of some family members. Something had to be done. I had to test the very outer limits of my web development knowledge. I had to tackle... the PHP web form of death!!!

I would like to announce that I am, in fact, victorious. There is one more small tweak that I need to make (Keep It Simple Silly) in the form of a confirmation/thank you page that people are redirected to once they submit the form. One user has already emailed me asking if I did in fact receive their RSVP - which I did. Works beautifully. Except for that missing "Thanks!" page.

Take a gander (complete with notes!)

You can also visit our wedsite at, featuring live sideshow performers and komodo dragons!

(Disclaimer: not all of my ridiculous promises regarding "Komodo Dragons" and "Sideshow Performers" can be fulfilled at this time)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sewing, Stamping, Mailing - I'm tired!

I finally got our invites cut out, tied up, stamped twice, sealed, stickered and out the door. Whew! Talk about a time-sucker, but they were worth it. Everyone we've heard back from LOVES the finished product, I'll get some photos of the complete package posted as soon as possible - tomorrow I hope!

Invitations are so important for a wedding, because they are the first impression of how the couple is approaching their big day - which is very helpful to guests when it comes to dress style, general feel of the wedding, etc. I personally am so sick and tired of getting generic, boring invites that speak very little visually. A wedding is a celebration of two souls uniting as one - the ultimate combination of two personalities if you ask me. So why not let your personality and at least a bit of soul flow through the paper goods for your big day? Granted, I have an advantage as a graphic designer - I was able to design and create all of our paper and web goods for our big day myself. But there are always plenty of designers out there (me! me!) who LOVE working with other couples to create the paper suite of their dreams. Hire them. It's worth it.

First impressions also get people excited to attend... believe me.

So far we've had several people RSVP whom I would never expect to get into the spirit of our vintage 40s-meets-USO show wedding. We very prominently displayed the URL for our "wedsite" as a hangtag with the finished invitation suite, directing people there for more info regarding our venues, dress etiquette, etc. Well let me tell you - almost everyone I've heard back from has ALSO included a link or note regarding the fabulous retro outfit that they're planning on wearing to our celebration. Now that's influence... all done through paper goods my friends.

I recently ran across a sweet little design company that specialized in fantastically quirky wedding invitations: Royal Steamline. Again, there are plenty of designers out there who love working with couples from all walks of life - so poke around Etsy or websites such as OffbeatBride and see what you discover. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

And if anyone out there is thinking about pursuing a custom invitation suite, feel free to give me a ring as well - I'd love to help you create the wedding invitation of your dreams. Paper perfection, I aim to amaze. You can contact me directly via!

Pictures soonly, I promise!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Printed Invites, Ready to Go!

But not quite cut out ;) I'll get there this week...

I decided that I wanted to do cute paper-doll style portraits of us for our invites, that guests can color and cut out themselves if they choose. If I had planned a bit better (or a bit further ahead of time), I would have made a note of this ON the actual invites... oh well. Originally I wanted to do letterpress but that was WAY expensive (heart attack expensive), so I decided to buy a bunch of pretty recycled paper and have them printed up full color by a local printer. I like them WAAAAAY better this way, I about died when they pulled the proof for me at the printer's... they're beautiful. Here are the working files, hopefully I'll have a pic of the finished invites once we get everything put together. I'm proud of these puppies!

Yes, we're both wearing our wedding outfits in the illustrations. I did our portraits in pencil, colored in PS, then did layout in AI. We're having a WWII USO show themed wedding, hence the stars and "softened patriotic" color scheme.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vintage wedding gown

I am planning (still!) on making my own wedding dress - now that my invites are at the printer, I have time to focus on making the dress. Two months and counting!

However, I did receive a Plan B (a very gorgeous Plan B) last week, due to the graciousness of some good family friends who know my taste well. They rescued a wedding gown from the 1943 marriage of an aunt, which had been residing in someone's attic, boxed up and long-forgotten since the wedding day. That someone had decided to throw out the gown, and it was promptly snatched up by our friends and then gifted to me. How sweet of them!

On to the gown itself: Glorious. Glamorous. Gorgeous. Vintage 1943. 1943!

Ivory silk satin, slinky and smooth but with plenty of thickness. The gown fits me NEAR perfectly, the gown was made for a 'larger' woman (by 1943 standards) who just so happened to be my height and a bit larger in the waist than me. Perfect! The only adjustment needed is nipping in the waist a bit more, but it's a beautiful gown.

Complete with train, elegantly gored skirt falling from the waist, silk bows at the gore points... Long sleeves with a point at the wrist, buttons, slightly puffed sleeve caps (so forties!). The neckline is a sweetheart neckline, which actually sits very high on my chest but I could lower that if desired. Overall a gorgeous, Old Hollywood worthy gown - handmade with love for a 1943 bride, and now it's mine.

That's a mighty fine Plan B in my book. So if I don't get my dress made, I'll be walking down the aisle in vintage. Here's a very similar dress from that era - VERY similar!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Invitations (are expensive!)

I hit a bit of a wall this week with our invitations, I got the quotes back for letterpress and I would be paying about $750 for the whole shebang... so that's a no-go, as we're running a tight ship here!

Plan B - make 'em myself using a collection of nice stock. Talk about stress out of nowhere!

Previews of the new invites soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Love Paper Dolls - or - the Official Invite Sneak Peek

I've been working hard on our invitation design, I'd like to have them letterpressed and I'm just getting to the point where I can start poking around for estimates. Anyway, here's a quick preview of our invites, they have to be formatted to fit into a standard envelope size due to my insatiable desire to have actual airmail envelopes. Also, I like paper dolls. So I made Ryan and I into paper dolls. Working paper dolls.

These are made to be laid side by side for ultimate sappiness (ignore the full bleed aspect of these at the moment). The ink colors are NOT going to be grey and black, they will actually be in red ink with blind embossed details... on ecru paper. Lovely! I did draw these out by hand, then scanned them into illustrator and auto-traced them to create a more letterpress friendly version.

Yes, I drew myself wearing my actual wedding dress design - which I haven't started on yet! Eek!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Save the Dates, FTW!

Check it out. I finally got these mailed out late last week, they were printed up by a local printer after I recreated a classic telegram in Illustrator. The envelopes are pretty swank too - I printed them out with a custom made 'First Flight' stamp that I did in Photoshop and custom airmail stripes. Talk about a lot of printing. I thought my printer was going to choke!

save the date envelope detail

After what seemed like HOURS folding... all of the telegrams were folded up into tidy little packages, and then I printed out the custom seals and applied those. Notice that it's a vintage cancelled airmail stamp? It's all about the small stuff folks. All about the small, neurotic, slightly OCD details.

I was up until all hours of the night stuffing envelopes, and trying to work out the last few addresses. I only had 110 of these telegrams printed up, and sure enough there have been some last minute additions to the guest list... I've been crunching the numbers like a mad woman to make it all work! If I have to print out 1 or 2 more on my printer, I think that will be OK. I just like the QUALITY of professional printing so much more. All I need is a printing press in the basement and I'd be all set!

Save the Date Detail

Save the Date Open

Here's the only problem I foresee with these save the dates: I have now set my bar way, way, WAY too high for the actual invitations. I didn't think these little guys would be so good looking once I got them assembled, and now it's starting to sink in that I've set a high standard for what must come next... the actual invites. I've got a good idea up my sleeve for those, but it's all about the execution... whether it's my own death-by-folding or the death of my poor inkjet. Ha! I'd really like to have my actual invites done letterpress, so we'll see, we'll see...

Next up, the dress and the invites! Time to get started :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The "Wedsite" - Officially Up and Running!

I'm very proud of our wedding site, which I designed from scratch to match our theme. I think it turned out beautifully! Go have a look-see, will ya?

Friday, May 22, 2009

The First Dance

We will be incorporating quite a bit of Ryan's favorite band, The Smashing Pumpkins, into our wedding as an acknowledgement of Ryan's favorite things. I wanted something sweet and vintage for our first song, and dear Ryan was able to find this wonderful cover of "My Blue Heaven" by S.P.

So dreamy and beautiful... and the perfect tempo for a waltz around the dance floor. We haven't quite figured out how we're going to go about that yet (I'm the dancer, Ryan is... er... not) - but it will still be perfect - just very sweet.

Here's a super cute film that uses the song as it's soundtrack. Love it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Engagement Photos

Our friend Dave Evans shot our engagement photos over the weekend. You can check out the set on Flickr, I also embedded a slideshow below.

He's still got a ton more to send our way, but we had a great time and I really think that shows through. All images were taken in my house, which I think makes the whole thing extra special.

Ryan and I sure do love one another... and we're so excited to be hitchin' up after 5 years together!

Thanks Dave, you are awesome. Ya'll can catch more of Dave's work on My Old Kentucky Blog as well as various venues on the internetz and in print.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catering, Tasting, All That Jazz...

Ryan and I made it down to Fountain Square last night for our catering tasting, which was lovely. Met my mom and dad there, sat around a very small table in a room full of other (well-behaved) families and snickered into our mashed potatoes and shrimp cocktail the whole time. We always manage to amuse each other to the point of tears. In classy settings.

Ryan finally got to see the theatre, which is just gorgeous. Everytime I walk in there... gorgeous. He really loved it, and the event planner for the theatre is just SO nice. I guess we're doing 8 place settings per table. 10 was way too much. The stars were shining in the ceiling and the candles were lit - our wedding will be a reality so soon! Wow.

Now I've REALLY got to get started on that dress. And those invites. And send out those save the dates. GAH! The bridesmaids are done though. Yay!

Oh, and I've decided we are doing fans for the bridesmaid's in place of floral bouquets. My MOH Kat and I are going to paint some paper fans with beautiful things, and I'm going to be carrying an arrangement of small mum pomanders with plenty of gorgous satin ribbon. Thanks to my future MIL for sending me an inspiring floral magazine for that one!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Calligraphy and Save the Dates

I finally got started on addressing our STD's - I decided that I wanted everything hand-lettered, so I broke out the nibs, bought a new pot of ink, and went to town last night on the return addresses. They're not perfect, but they still look nice. I haven't practiced my penmanship in a loooooong time. The fun part will be addressing the front of each envelope.

I did manage to buy some really cool stamps, the "Flags of our Nation" series - so everything is stamped now too. All I need to do at this point is go have the actual STD 'telegrams' printed up, then commence with labeling and folding (and stuffing. Lots and lots of stuffing.)

I really gotta get started on my dress. Shoo.

The bridesmaid's shoes came in the night before last, and they are BEAUTIFUL! So there's a small victory.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Foundation Wear

Here's the scoop about the inner workings of my mind, and why I don't open my mouth too much - because people might think I'm mean.

I HATE. HATE! it when brides and bridesmaids (or any lady dressing for a special occasion for that matter) do not wear foundation garments/shapewear for the big event.

I HATE seeing backfat and tummy rolls, and saggy bums. I realize that some people are fine with looking like this, but for goodness sakes, if you're spending all that money on a garment and a one day celebration, you should put some effort into filling out said dress attractively. In my mind it's on the same level with those hideous "wedding updos" that every salon tries pushing on hapless brides - who then end up looking like Jr. Prom court candidates. EWW.

I'm a liberated woman who regularly wears a very strong and tight old-school girdle (which also function to hold up my stockings), waist cincher, etc. And yes, it makes me look better. And I'm a size 4.

Here's a handy link that will set you straight: Lady Grace

For the love of a beautiful gown, wear some shapewear. Banish the love handles for at least one day. You'll be satisfied, I promise. Good shapewear is like a wearing a tight hug, a hug that rearranges your anatomy into something even better.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to the fun stuff - bridesmaid's shoes

Here's a picture of the bridesmaid's shoes I just purchased for my 3 attendants. I got them for 30% off (each pair!) - which is awesome.

I can't wait for these to arrive!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Guest List. Or How I Happened Upon the Gates of Hell.

No one told me it would be so hard.

Maybe I just care too much for people's feelings? I keep telling myself that I'm one of the only people left in this world who still has feelings of some sort, and that I'm just too sensitive. It isn't helpin!

Ryan and I both have HUGE. GIGANTIC. ENORMOUS. families. And there's the rub.

We want to limit our not-so-small wedding reception to 200 guests. No kiddies allowed - this ain't the circus - and that helps free up some seats. But the problem is that out of my allotted 100 guests, 85 of my spots are taken by family and Mom's invites. 85!! I do actually have more than 15 friends and guests that I'd like to invite, ya know?

So basically, people are getting chopped left and right. I don't want to hurt any of my intentioned guests' feelings - especially friends who aren't super close to me but close enough that I'd like them to be at our wedding. However. I just don't think there's room! I'm NOT paying for the catering in the end (but just about everything else), so if there's a larger guest list than intended, then so be it.

My mom and I combined have too many friends. We're people-people. That's what this really boils down to. We're too friendly!

Guest list making sucks.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


As a distraction I hereby give you:

The $1500 cat. He's cute. And he really likes getting in the way during photoshoots. Something about the yards of smooth white paper and hot lights, it's like a kitty magnet!

And here's SafeCat. He's very safe. And does not like to have his picture taken whatsover.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fashion is As Fashion Does

I have my 2 bridesmaid's dresses hanging in my closet at the moment. My sister's fits her perfectly (so she says) and I have yet to get my best friend Kat's dress to her as she lives about an hour-point-five away. The dresses are Stop Staring, purchased through Daddyo's online - which happens to be located just a jump away in Fairmount, Indiana. Hometown of James Dean you know.

The nice things about these dresses are:

1. They aren't "bridesmaid's" dresses
2. They did not come from David's Bridal (a HUGE plus in my book)
3. They are not made out of cheap pastel satin/taffeta
4. They are flattering
5. The girls will look h.o.t.
6. They are red
7. They are REALLY red
8. They kind of reflect some the stylelines of my own dress (soon to be patterned and made... when I get around to it)
9. Did I mention Kat and Laura will look really hot?

I'm thinking about pairing these with some brown and cream spectator pumps of some sort. The ones I REALLY like are of course long gone. Gotta buy things when they're hot!

My dress design is cute, I'll post a sketch soonly.

Gotta gotta gotta!

Get organized. I'm talkin' 3-ring binder organized. Full of contracts/agreements/receipts - all that good stuff.

Working on it!

Print Design and All That Jazz

I'm designing all of our print goods for the wedding, as well as designing our 'wedsite' and our favors.

I'm pretty proud of the ideas I've come up with so far, our save-the-dates are completely designed and ready to go - I just have to get started on production as those need to go out NEXT WEEK! I don't even have Ryan's guest list yet, I need to get on him (and my future MIL) about that. Our STD's are going to be done in the style of authentic vintage self-mailing telegrams, I downloaded a template from HERE and then recreated the whole thing in Illustrator to lend my own touches and fonts to the layout - lots of tiny details that no one will probably notice!

I still need to design the stamp we will use to seal them after folding, I think I will do something along the lines of old airmail stamps. I also bought cool airmail envelopes to send them out in. My only beef is that I couldn't find any smaller envelopes, just the Monarch standard. Oh well. We're going to print up the telegrams on recycled gold parchment, and then I will either type in everyone's names and addresses with a typewriter OR just have clear labels printed up in my desired font for placement. The envelopes will definitely be clear labeled, unless I'm feeling extra-industrious.

The website is also almost complete, make sure to stop by for a visit when it's done! The address can be found way down in the footer, I don't feel like typing it in here at the moment. I'm so lazy sometimes.

Invite design has yet to be established, I guess I need to get on top of that too. Gah! So much print design to accomplish very, very soon. I DO plan on hand-lettering the outer envelopes (I heart calligraphy!), I'm thinking those brown kraft paper envelopes with the string closure. I DO have a basic outline for the invites, I'd like to do Ryan and I as paper dolls complete with our wedding outfits. I want them to be pretty simple, just because I don't like the uselessness of all that crap that usually comes stuffed into a wedding invite. We're doing email or phone RSVP's, accessed by a contact form on our website. Yay, no extra money for RSVP postage!

I need to hunt down proper invitation etiquette and enclosure info, just to be sure. But again, I really don't want a bunch of stupid junk in there.

Venue, etc.

We're having the wedding at a St. Mark's Lutheran church on Prospect St. in Indianapolis, just down the block from our reception venue. Now the reception venue is pretty amazing, it's the one thing I've been gunning for since I realized I'd probably get married one day.

I give you Fountain Square Theatre!

Visit the theatre complex's website HERE.