Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fashion is As Fashion Does

I have my 2 bridesmaid's dresses hanging in my closet at the moment. My sister's fits her perfectly (so she says) and I have yet to get my best friend Kat's dress to her as she lives about an hour-point-five away. The dresses are Stop Staring, purchased through Daddyo's online - which happens to be located just a jump away in Fairmount, Indiana. Hometown of James Dean you know.

The nice things about these dresses are:

1. They aren't "bridesmaid's" dresses
2. They did not come from David's Bridal (a HUGE plus in my book)
3. They are not made out of cheap pastel satin/taffeta
4. They are flattering
5. The girls will look h.o.t.
6. They are red
7. They are REALLY red
8. They kind of reflect some the stylelines of my own dress (soon to be patterned and made... when I get around to it)
9. Did I mention Kat and Laura will look really hot?

I'm thinking about pairing these with some brown and cream spectator pumps of some sort. The ones I REALLY like are of course long gone. Gotta buy things when they're hot!

My dress design is cute, I'll post a sketch soonly.


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