Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catering, Tasting, All That Jazz...

Ryan and I made it down to Fountain Square last night for our catering tasting, which was lovely. Met my mom and dad there, sat around a very small table in a room full of other (well-behaved) families and snickered into our mashed potatoes and shrimp cocktail the whole time. We always manage to amuse each other to the point of tears. In classy settings.

Ryan finally got to see the theatre, which is just gorgeous. Everytime I walk in there... gorgeous. He really loved it, and the event planner for the theatre is just SO nice. I guess we're doing 8 place settings per table. 10 was way too much. The stars were shining in the ceiling and the candles were lit - our wedding will be a reality so soon! Wow.

Now I've REALLY got to get started on that dress. And those invites. And send out those save the dates. GAH! The bridesmaids are done though. Yay!

Oh, and I've decided we are doing fans for the bridesmaid's in place of floral bouquets. My MOH Kat and I are going to paint some paper fans with beautiful things, and I'm going to be carrying an arrangement of small mum pomanders with plenty of gorgous satin ribbon. Thanks to my future MIL for sending me an inspiring floral magazine for that one!