Friday, June 26, 2009

Invitations (are expensive!)

I hit a bit of a wall this week with our invitations, I got the quotes back for letterpress and I would be paying about $750 for the whole shebang... so that's a no-go, as we're running a tight ship here!

Plan B - make 'em myself using a collection of nice stock. Talk about stress out of nowhere!

Previews of the new invites soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Love Paper Dolls - or - the Official Invite Sneak Peek

I've been working hard on our invitation design, I'd like to have them letterpressed and I'm just getting to the point where I can start poking around for estimates. Anyway, here's a quick preview of our invites, they have to be formatted to fit into a standard envelope size due to my insatiable desire to have actual airmail envelopes. Also, I like paper dolls. So I made Ryan and I into paper dolls. Working paper dolls.

These are made to be laid side by side for ultimate sappiness (ignore the full bleed aspect of these at the moment). The ink colors are NOT going to be grey and black, they will actually be in red ink with blind embossed details... on ecru paper. Lovely! I did draw these out by hand, then scanned them into illustrator and auto-traced them to create a more letterpress friendly version.

Yes, I drew myself wearing my actual wedding dress design - which I haven't started on yet! Eek!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Save the Dates, FTW!

Check it out. I finally got these mailed out late last week, they were printed up by a local printer after I recreated a classic telegram in Illustrator. The envelopes are pretty swank too - I printed them out with a custom made 'First Flight' stamp that I did in Photoshop and custom airmail stripes. Talk about a lot of printing. I thought my printer was going to choke!

save the date envelope detail

After what seemed like HOURS folding... all of the telegrams were folded up into tidy little packages, and then I printed out the custom seals and applied those. Notice that it's a vintage cancelled airmail stamp? It's all about the small stuff folks. All about the small, neurotic, slightly OCD details.

I was up until all hours of the night stuffing envelopes, and trying to work out the last few addresses. I only had 110 of these telegrams printed up, and sure enough there have been some last minute additions to the guest list... I've been crunching the numbers like a mad woman to make it all work! If I have to print out 1 or 2 more on my printer, I think that will be OK. I just like the QUALITY of professional printing so much more. All I need is a printing press in the basement and I'd be all set!

Save the Date Detail

Save the Date Open

Here's the only problem I foresee with these save the dates: I have now set my bar way, way, WAY too high for the actual invitations. I didn't think these little guys would be so good looking once I got them assembled, and now it's starting to sink in that I've set a high standard for what must come next... the actual invites. I've got a good idea up my sleeve for those, but it's all about the execution... whether it's my own death-by-folding or the death of my poor inkjet. Ha! I'd really like to have my actual invites done letterpress, so we'll see, we'll see...

Next up, the dress and the invites! Time to get started :)