Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Print Design and All That Jazz

I'm designing all of our print goods for the wedding, as well as designing our 'wedsite' and our favors.

I'm pretty proud of the ideas I've come up with so far, our save-the-dates are completely designed and ready to go - I just have to get started on production as those need to go out NEXT WEEK! I don't even have Ryan's guest list yet, I need to get on him (and my future MIL) about that. Our STD's are going to be done in the style of authentic vintage self-mailing telegrams, I downloaded a template from HERE and then recreated the whole thing in Illustrator to lend my own touches and fonts to the layout - lots of tiny details that no one will probably notice!

I still need to design the stamp we will use to seal them after folding, I think I will do something along the lines of old airmail stamps. I also bought cool airmail envelopes to send them out in. My only beef is that I couldn't find any smaller envelopes, just the Monarch standard. Oh well. We're going to print up the telegrams on recycled gold parchment, and then I will either type in everyone's names and addresses with a typewriter OR just have clear labels printed up in my desired font for placement. The envelopes will definitely be clear labeled, unless I'm feeling extra-industrious.

The website is also almost complete, make sure to stop by for a visit when it's done! The address can be found way down in the footer, I don't feel like typing it in here at the moment. I'm so lazy sometimes.

Invite design has yet to be established, I guess I need to get on top of that too. Gah! So much print design to accomplish very, very soon. I DO plan on hand-lettering the outer envelopes (I heart calligraphy!), I'm thinking those brown kraft paper envelopes with the string closure. I DO have a basic outline for the invites, I'd like to do Ryan and I as paper dolls complete with our wedding outfits. I want them to be pretty simple, just because I don't like the uselessness of all that crap that usually comes stuffed into a wedding invite. We're doing email or phone RSVP's, accessed by a contact form on our website. Yay, no extra money for RSVP postage!

I need to hunt down proper invitation etiquette and enclosure info, just to be sure. But again, I really don't want a bunch of stupid junk in there.


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