Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jewelry --or-- These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

We FINALLY got around to purchasing Ryan's wedding band. A very handsome ring for a very handsome man. Gotta love the iPhone - I was able to buy the band on our way to another couple's wedding! Multitasking is what separates us from the beasts of the field my friends.

Anywho, we bought the ring from an amazing shop on Etsy - The shop is run by a husband and wife jewelry making dream team, creating beautiful handmade baubles perfect for bearded manly men like Ryan.

His ring is aerospace grade titanium (wee!) with manzanita wood inlays. I can't wait for it to get here!

In other wedding ring news, we also managed to get my engagement/wedding ring cleaned and sized this past week (after 11 months - yeah, I'm lazy). It's so beautiful - I need to get some nice photos taken to show it off. It's a beautiful vintage Art Deco piece, purchased at auction, shipped from Israel. No appraisal yet, but we got a really good deal on it so hopefully it's worth more than we paid!

I think vintage rings are a great option for brides seeking an alternative to the boring offerings at the mall jewelry stores. Etsy is also another wonderful source for bits and baubles, either vintage or handmade. Custom jewelers like the shop who resized my ring are also another great source for one of a kind pieces.


analog said...

I like this ring very much........
Thanks for this lovely ring posting.....

see this

brideonashoestring said...

Love the ring. I nearly bought from Rob and Lean too (what an amazing dream team!) but instead got caught up in an "of the moment" buy in Soho, New York and bought one from TeNo. Still beautiful but what was I thinking? A wedding band on an impulse buy?

Miss Jess said...

@brideonashoestring, most of my wedding purchases have been impulse buys - sometimes you just can't plan the best finds!

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