Thursday, August 27, 2009

Itsy Bitsy, Teensy Weensy, Super Cute Buttons!

One of my favorite things about weddings are the favors. Shallow... I know. Favors usually mean something yummy, and hopefully something unique and personal that represents the couple well. I attended the beautiful wedding of two close friends a few weeks ago, and was instructed by the bride to pick up their super-yummy favors from a local bakery... the words "local bakery" only mean one thing to me: good food. Their favors were delicious made-from-scratch speciality chocolate chip cookies, the bride's favorite snack from her college days. They were placed at each place setting in custom glassine envelopes, tied with a ribbon - great presentation! Delicious! Personal! The perfect favor. People are still talking about those cookies weeks later - talk about impact.

I have a love of vintage candy, specifically Necco wafers. I purchased wafer mini-rolls through Necco directly (did you know they have a bulk candy store online? Me neither!) and also purchased a couple pounds of Jelly Belly beans in our colors to help fill out the favor bags. However - I felt that we needed something extra. Something cute and unique. Enter Etsy yet again, where I found a super sweet custom button maker named Jeanne who was extremely helpful in getting our custom buttons done. I used Photoshop for the button design, using a template she supplied me with. I ended up modeling our button design directly after one of my favorite vintage typewriter ribbon tins - something I don't feel guilty about because well... it's cute, we ain't selling 'em, and that's about that.

I also purchased lovely little handstamped tags from another great seller, Amy Elise Designs. I've bought quite a bit of stuff from Amy over the past 2 years for my design business, so I was thrilled that I could send another order her way for our big day. She made lovely mini-tags using a vintage typeface "S" stamp (for our new last name) - the tags are inscribed with a note of "Thanks!" on the back and tied to the favor bags.

All together, a nice little gift to place at each seat... I'm pleased with how they turned out. Three cheers for Etsy!


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