Friday, March 13, 2009

Foundation Wear

Here's the scoop about the inner workings of my mind, and why I don't open my mouth too much - because people might think I'm mean.

I HATE. HATE! it when brides and bridesmaids (or any lady dressing for a special occasion for that matter) do not wear foundation garments/shapewear for the big event.

I HATE seeing backfat and tummy rolls, and saggy bums. I realize that some people are fine with looking like this, but for goodness sakes, if you're spending all that money on a garment and a one day celebration, you should put some effort into filling out said dress attractively. In my mind it's on the same level with those hideous "wedding updos" that every salon tries pushing on hapless brides - who then end up looking like Jr. Prom court candidates. EWW.

I'm a liberated woman who regularly wears a very strong and tight old-school girdle (which also function to hold up my stockings), waist cincher, etc. And yes, it makes me look better. And I'm a size 4.

Here's a handy link that will set you straight: Lady Grace

For the love of a beautiful gown, wear some shapewear. Banish the love handles for at least one day. You'll be satisfied, I promise. Good shapewear is like a wearing a tight hug, a hug that rearranges your anatomy into something even better.


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