Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vintage wedding gown

I am planning (still!) on making my own wedding dress - now that my invites are at the printer, I have time to focus on making the dress. Two months and counting!

However, I did receive a Plan B (a very gorgeous Plan B) last week, due to the graciousness of some good family friends who know my taste well. They rescued a wedding gown from the 1943 marriage of an aunt, which had been residing in someone's attic, boxed up and long-forgotten since the wedding day. That someone had decided to throw out the gown, and it was promptly snatched up by our friends and then gifted to me. How sweet of them!

On to the gown itself: Glorious. Glamorous. Gorgeous. Vintage 1943. 1943!

Ivory silk satin, slinky and smooth but with plenty of thickness. The gown fits me NEAR perfectly, the gown was made for a 'larger' woman (by 1943 standards) who just so happened to be my height and a bit larger in the waist than me. Perfect! The only adjustment needed is nipping in the waist a bit more, but it's a beautiful gown.

Complete with train, elegantly gored skirt falling from the waist, silk bows at the gore points... Long sleeves with a point at the wrist, buttons, slightly puffed sleeve caps (so forties!). The neckline is a sweetheart neckline, which actually sits very high on my chest but I could lower that if desired. Overall a gorgeous, Old Hollywood worthy gown - handmade with love for a 1943 bride, and now it's mine.

That's a mighty fine Plan B in my book. So if I don't get my dress made, I'll be walking down the aisle in vintage. Here's a very similar dress from that era - VERY similar!


art*deco*dame said...

oh it's lovely Jess!Theres a really cute 50's one down at the antique mall too right now but this is lovely,cant wait to see it!

analog said...

amezing dress design.......
Thanks for this lovely blog posting.........

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